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Plentiful Ponies Pleading for Places!

AuctionHorses has had the unique opportunity to step in and find placement for 13 young miniature ponies in a desperate situation. These ponies were a group and AuctionHorses had to commit to placing all of them in order to get them. We will not have any individual photos or information about them prior to Thursday, but ideally we would like to have homes for them already lined up. I know this is asking for a leap of faith, but this is often the norm in bulk-saves. So, what we do know... The ponies are all geldings, they are rather small, they are probably in the 1-3 year age range, they have all been vetted, halterbroke and handled often. The ponies will be available starting this weekend and are priced at $250. They have been moved to Redmond, WA and an appointment is needed for folks to go out there.

To inquire about ponies please contact:

If you would like to adopt one of these ponies, please fill out the application at this link:

Let the pony madness begin!